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Meet the zealots

“Nothing great was ever
achieved without enthusiasm.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Libby Rose, President
Libby Rose, President

“Meeting adjourned! Back to work!”

  • She keeps the pulse of the biz – keeping everyone in line and business booming.
  • She has a fairy wand; she’s not afraid to use it.
  • When not cracking the whip, she’s chasing after her grandkids and wandering the globe sharing her adventures via Wandering Rose Travels.
Martin Rose, Client service director

“If you want pretty, we can do pretty. But we’re so much more than pretty.”

  • Nothing gets him more excited than solving client marketing challenges with long-term, strategic solutions.
  • Rumor has it he was once a pirate. We still call him “Cap’n” just in case.
  • He’s a man of many talents and many pairs of yoga leggings.
  • He’s figured how to combine his passions of travel, writing and photography as seen on Wandering Rose Travels.
Martin Rose, Client service director
Elizabeth Engle, Strategist | Senior writer, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Elizabeth Engle, Strategist | Senior writer

“Let’s outline the big picture, then nail down the details.”

  • She captures clients’ unique messages in a voice that commands attention.
  • A lifelong passion for the written word, plus promotion and photography dabblings, sparked her love of creative marketing.
  • She travels the world in search of inspiration, fueled by local libations and a sailing addiction.
Preston Smith, Strategist
Traditional + Digital

“Data fuels great strategy. Just try to bring me down off that soapbox.”

  • He’s a strategy fanatic; that’s all there is to it.
  • He lives for understanding our clients’ needs and developing the map to get there.
  • He tried open-mic stand-up comedy once. It didn’t go so well.
Regan White, Account lead | Senior writer, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Regan White, Creative director

“Can we rework this copy?”

  • She’s a zealot for knockout copy and second-to-none customer service.
  • Nothing makes her swoon more than a beautiful turn of phrase.
  • She’s a founding member of Yale University’s first, all-female sketch comedy group, The Sphincter Troupe. (She had no hand in the name. She promises.)
Carrie Lock, Account lead | Production manager

“The paper samples are in my office next to the zombie flamingo.”

  • She brings order to chaos, morphing communication messes into masterpieces.
  • A free-spirited detail freak, she’s been sighted perusing spreadsheets in a tutu.
  • She’ll get to the bottom of any project, but her free time is spent reaching new heights as a rock climber.
Carrie Snyder, Account lead and production manager, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Erica Harouff, Account service and Media planner, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Erica Harouff, Account lead | Media planner

“I’ll make a spreadsheet for this.”

  • Managing massive media buys and complex account details is her forte.
  • She launched our one-woman Chicago office and clocks in at 7 a.m. to work Eastern time with us.
  • She cut her marketing teeth managing Anheuser-Busch brewery tours and can still spout fun facts about your favorite brews.
Katie Oliver, Copy writer | Video producer

“The AP Stylebook is my spirit animal.”

  • Securing the perfect b-roll for the perfect sound bite is her JAM.
  • Puzzles are her thing. Bring on a mess of project details and watch her emerge on the other side with a great solution.
  • We’re a little worried she’ll move to Costa Rica to work among the sloths.
Katie Oliver, Account service and Video production, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Brittany Sanges, Traditional + digital design, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Brittany Facinoli, Senior designer
Traditional + digital

“Due in an hour? Sure, I can fit that in.”

  • From print to websites, she has her hands in all things design – “multitasking” is her middle name.
  • She’s a fanatic for designing creative that offers the best possible user experience.
  • Unabashed foodie, she keeps the office updated on the hottest places to eat in Charlotte.
Gwen Saunders, Senior designer
Digital + multimedia

“I tested this e-blast on 22 platforms. And it’s mobile-friendly.”

  • She wrestles daily with internet browsers and email providers to make your web marketing beautiful, functional and versatile.
  • She runs distances others drive. (Almost as fast!)
  • She’s always scouting the next adventure abroad, though her request for a new, exotic office location hasn’t been granted yet.
Gwen Saunders, Digital + multimedia design, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Sarah Smith, Account service and AccountingABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Sarah Smith,  Accountant

“There’s a typo in this brochure, I can feel it.”

  • As one of our lead proofers, we’re pretty sure she has a sixth sense for spotting stuff.
  • Need a project report? Have an invoice question? Forget Siri, we have Sarah.
  • She mostly works from her home office with the “help” of her three children.
Jim Tobalski, Project consultant

“You can’t create a pickle by sprinkling vinegar on a cucumber – you have to soak it. Just like marketing communications.”

  • He’s done it all over 39 years – from the photo darkroom as a marketing intern to the corporate boardroom as an executive.
  • He loves evaluating a company’s brand.
  • Jim invented hiking. (At least that’s what a squeaky voice inside his head claims.)

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