ABZ Creative Partners

Meet the zealots

“Nothing great was ever
achieved without enthusiasm.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Martin Rose, Founder

“If you want pretty, we can do pretty. But we’re so much more than pretty.”

  • Nothing gets him more excited than solving client marketing challenges with long-term, strategic solutions.
  • Rumor has it he was once a pirate. We still call him “Cap’n” just in case.
  • He’s a man of many talents and many pairs of yoga leggings.
  • He’s figured how to combine his passions of travel, writing and photography as seen on Wandering Rose Travels.
Martin Rose, Client service director
Regan White, Account lead | Senior writer, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Regan Craig, Creative director | ZEO

“Can we rework this copy?”

  • She’s a zealot for knockout copy and second-to-none customer service.
  • Nothing makes her swoon more than a beautiful turn of phrase.
  • She’s a founding member of Yale University’s first, all-female sketch comedy group, The Sphincter Troupe. (She had no hand in the name. She promises.)
Elizabeth Engle, Strategist | Senior writer

“Let’s outline the big picture, then nail down the details.”

  • She captures clients’ unique messages in a voice that commands attention.
  • A lifelong passion for the written word, plus promotion and photography dabblings, sparked her love of creative marketing.
  • She travels the world in search of inspiration, fueled by local libations and a sailing addiction.
Elizabeth Engle, Strategist | Senior writer, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Carrie Snyder, Account lead and production manager, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Carrie Lock, Account lead | Production manager

“The paper samples are in my office next to the zombie flamingo.”

  • She brings order to chaos, morphing communication messes into masterpieces.
  • A free-spirited detail freak, she’s been sighted perusing spreadsheets in a tutu.
  • She’ll get to the bottom of any project, but her free time is spent reaching new heights as a rock climber.
Katie Center, Copy writer | Video producer

“The AP Stylebook is my spirit animal.”

  • Securing the perfect b-roll for the perfect sound bite is her JAM.
  • Puzzles are her thing. Bring on a mess of project details and watch her emerge on the other side with a great solution.
  • We’re a little worried she’ll move to Costa Rica to work among the sloths.
Katie Oliver, Account service and Video production, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Gwen Saunders, Digital + multimedia design, ABZ Creative Partners, headshot
Gwen Saunders, Senior designer

“I tested this e-blast on 22 platforms. And it’s mobile-friendly.”

  • She wrestles daily with internet browsers and email providers to make your web marketing beautiful, functional and versatile.
  • She runs distances others drive. (Almost as fast!)
  • She’s always scouting the next adventure abroad, though her request for a new, exotic office location hasn’t been granted yet.
Ashlyn Kellner, Senior designer

“I think we can offer at least one more option. Well, after I eat lunch.”

  • With a sharp eye for page layout and a passion for concept development, you can be sure that her work will surpass your expectations.
  • Unwilling to settle for average, she will push the boundaries to come up with just the right deliverable for any client request.
  • Not limited to printed materials, her design eye can spot a beautiful lamp or throw pillow from a mile away.
Jim Tobalski, Project consultant

“You can’t create a pickle by sprinkling vinegar on a cucumber – you have to soak it. Just like marketing communications.”

  • He’s done it all over 39 years – from the photo darkroom as a marketing intern to the corporate boardroom as an executive.
  • He loves evaluating a company’s brand.
  • Jim invented hiking. (At least that’s what a squeaky voice inside his head claims.)

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