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It’s an old story, and it was recently retold at a weekly prayer group I attend. It goes a little something like this: A blind boy sat on the street begging for money with a sign that read: “I am blind. Please help.”...

7 tips to decide if you should commit to your marketing agency or call it quits and move on. My fiancé proposed on a blustery beach near Charleston, South Carolina, in February 2015. Even though we’d been dating for four years and the heat was on,...

Brand journalism is not new. Evidence of brand reporting and content creation can be found throughout history. However, brand journalism burst into the modern era in 2011 when Cisco launched its own news website, The Network, and hired journalists to write for it. By the fall...

“Should your organization hire a chief content officer?” speaker Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group’s digital advertising and media analyst, asked at a recent digital marketing conference. “The new era of marketing is all about creating a culture of content. In short: You can’t afford not to...