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Disclaimer: This is not a post about why email marketing is important, nor what content is necessary to enhance your campaigns. I'm speaking primarily from a design standpoint, as that is my expertise as a user experience designer. There is...

Cash registers will be ringing, Santa Claus is bursting into flames and all I want for Christmas is gift cards. ABZ Creative Partners’ latest insightful infographic unwraps the stats behind the most wonderful time of the year....

SEO and ROI – nothing polarizes digital marketers more. Let’s face it, marketing budget decisions are often made based on a channel’s expected ROI, or return on investment. And that’s a good thing. ROI can be a marketer’s best friend because it can quantify the value...

Our fresh fall infographic chronicles the exponential growth of pumpkin-flavored products – with sales up 79 percent since 2011. Good old pumpkin pie filling still dominates market share, with $135 million in 2014 sales. But other innovative products are gaining ground, with dog food sitting in...

You’ve got your gear, you’re ready to shoot. Before you get started, here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your smartphone video. 1. Watch out for ambient noise — it will be difficult to edit out later, maybe impossible to...