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“Should your organization hire a chief content officer?” speaker Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group’s digital advertising and media analyst, asked at a recent digital marketing conference. “The new era of marketing is all about creating a culture of content. In short: You can’t afford not to...

We are evolving creatures, especially in how we think as consumers. Things are competing for our attention, loyalty and money everywhere we look. So brands have to up our game to both grow our customer base and nurture existing clientele. It's not enough to rely...

We can all use a reminder to focus on being thankful for family, friends, food and our many blessings. But the warm, fuzzy ideas of togetherness and gratitude are far from trending these days, as the Thanksgiving brand gets gobbled up by other holidays and...

If your hospital will soon be celebrating a big milestone such as an important anniversary, grand opening or some exciting news, the right planning can create a lasting impression with employees, current patients and prospective patients....